Monday, August 18, 2014

Blog Hoppin'

This looks so fun! I will try my first Back to School Blog Hop! Since today is Monday (and boy, was it a LONG one!)...

I am running out of steam tonight, so I will do this quickly before bedtime!

1. I LOVE to laugh and will laugh at almost anything and extend that to my classroom!
2. I am NOT an animal person but I am not afraid of snakes.
3. It's 2014 and I still love to indulge in my soap operas!
4. I am a home grown NC southern gal and I LOVE the beach!
5. I am (was) a daddy's girl!
6. My daughter takes dance and loves it, but I have absolutely no rhythm!
7. I am a total neat freak, especially at home and yes, it is fun to me! :)
8. Target could be my second home.
9. I went on a cruise in 2011 with some old high school friends and had a blast!
10. I have been to two Nicholas Sparks movie sets and he is my favorite author.

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